Land O’Lakes

Evans Engineering, Inc. provided professional site and structural services for Land O’Lakes. EEI provided civil engineering services to secure site related approvals from municipal and state agencies. EEI successfully secured land development approval, an individual NPDES permit, and a statewide general permit. EEI also served as a project manager for the waste water treatment plant expansion, providing everything form day to day on site observations, coordination between client, contractor, and engineer, detailed schedules for client and contractor coordination, and verification of all change orders and requests for payment.

Pepsi building

Pepsi Bottling Company – Wytheville, VA

As the primary civil engineering service provider for Pepsi’s warehouses and bottling facilities in North America, EEI provided site design for this 300,000 square foot warehouse. This facility was constructed in 2003 and is situated on a 34-acre site in Wytheville, VA along the I-81 corridor. In 2011, EEI assisted Pepsi in a small expansion of this facility. EEI’s services included: site evaluation & selection, boundary & topographic survey, site design & permitting, geotechnical analysis, environmental assessments, traffic impact study, and construction phase services.

Prologis Park

Prologis Park 33 – Nazareth, PA

Evans Engineering, Inc. provided professional services for a subdivision and site development for a 2.4 million sf warehouse/distribution park on a 188 acre tract. EEI prepared a site feasibility report and a sketch plan identifying the new facility and subsequent site improvements. Work included the design of a new township collector street and the installation of a new signalized intersection with PA DOT SR-0033. EEI Provided traffic studies, prepared PA DOT right-of-way plans, and obtained PA DOT HOP Permits as well as design of a new access road, cut-fill balancing, stormwater design, erosion and sediment control and a NPDES Permit, Township permitting, utility coordination, construction bond estimates and specifications. Additionally EEI prepared an application for a State High Volume Highway Occupancy Permit and designed the roadway widening taking an existing four-lane road out to a signalized, seven lane intersection. EEI also provided limited construction phase services, which included shop drawing review, general coordination, and construction phase site visits.

Allen distribution building

Allen Distribution Building #5

This 216,000 square foot warehouse facility is located on a 14-acre site in South Middleton Township, Cumberland County, PA along the I-81 corridor. EEI provided the site design and oversaw construction for this facility in 1999. In 2008, EEI was involved in the truck parking lot expansion for this facility. In working with the conservation district, EEI designed constructed wetlands to mitigate the impact of the expanded parking facilities. EEI’s services included: boundary & topographic survey, site design & permitting, environmental assessments, traffic impact study, and construction phase services.

Global customer innovation center

Global Customer Innovation Center

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The Hershey Company, based in Hershey, PA is the largest chocolate manufacturer in North America. The Global Customer Innovation Center, constructed in 2006, is an 11,000 square foot facility situated on the grounds of Hershey’s Corporate Headquarters. In order to preserve such natural features as large oak trees, steep slopes, and a retention pond full of aquatic life, EEI created a site plan featuring low impact development by designing stormwater detention facilities below the parking lot. In 2011, EEI helped to expand the facility, while maintaining a relatively low impact to the surrounding natural features. EEI’s services included: topographic survey, site design & permitting (Township approvals & NPDES Permit), infiltration study & testing, geotechnical analysis, environmental assessments, historical & archaeological studies, traffic impact study, and construction phase services.